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Sedona Colon Care offers colon hydrotherapy to Sedona locals and visitors seeking colonic flush from harmful waste to restore optimal health and recover lost energy. I at Sedona Colon Care offer a comfortable colonic irrigation experience for all stages of your cleansing. Sedona Colon Care has been availabe for cleansing since 2006. If you are looking for maintenance or a in-depth detox cleanse I can accommodate to your needs. I use closed system colon hydrotherapy irrigation equipment that gives a even relaxing flow of treatment for each session.  The water used is an advanced ultra filteration treating and is run through a water structuring system. See the filtration tab. The interior tubing inside the Hydro-Sans plus is antimicrobial. This is a must for Sedona area water. I have gone to great lenghts to bring clientele  ultra clean and pure vibrational water.

Colon hydrotherapy can be and is very rewarding. Removing old lodged and loose toxic waste will take tension off your intestinal system and the body alike. If you have received colon hydrotherapy sometimes referred to as colonics then you do understand the benefits it brings. If you are new to colon hydrotherapy take no worries. People are pleasantly surprised at the ease of treatment. It is not surprising with the abundance of food we enjoy that it would be necessary to evacuate accumulated waste that can ferment, produce parasites, bring candida to a head and painful air just to mention a few disturbances. 


Autointoxication can cause many illnesses acute and chronic. After years of ingesting, breathing or being exposed to inorganic materials the body can be living in a state of poisoned health. Today there are many cleanses, detox formulas, recipes and routines that used with colon irrigation can restore vibrant health to an individual. Colon hydrotherapy by itself can make all the difference in healthy living. Seems now more than ever we need to pay attention to conscious clean health before painful illness comes to visit. Of course prevention is ideal but not always the case in our busy lives. Undesirable bacteria putrefy and fermented old fecal material produce poisons which are absorbed into the body from the intestines known as autointoxication. Colon hydrotherapy will cleanse to remove and dilute toxins in the large intestine that takes a burden off of the liver and helps to rejuvenate the immunological system. Thus the entire body cleanses, benefits and restores. The colonic irrigation is a 45 minute cleansing that can make all the difference to start or maintain optimal health. 



Judy Hawk

Sedona Colon Care
65 Tranquil Avenue
Sedona, Arizona

Phone:928 202-7889


single session $110

series of three $315

includes chlorophyll 

cash or check only






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I haveI have been seeing Judy for more than 7 years and have always found her to be one of the most attentive,caring and knowledgeable Colon Hydrotherapists anywhere. I have been doing this therapy for over 25 years and I recommend Judy highly. I particular like the clean,gentle,peaceful atmosphere.  A big plus for me is the use the superior ‘Closed End’ hydrotherapy machine which I have seen consistently excellent results for years. It’s the finest most effective device and by far the cleanliest. No forcing or pushing on the body, no harmful cleansing fumes or cleaners are used as compared to the open device others use. Overall Judy makes for a stressless pleasant experience.   A+++++++

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