Liver Cleansing


August 14th 2013 I finished a liver cleanse. Above you will see pictures of liver stones that have released. These are only a few from the over 300 liver stone release count. In a cleanse it is not unusual to have hundreds release. The small liver stones add up fast. I have been doing this liver cleanse for over a year and toward the end of the year large liver stones started to come. Hurray for that. My back went out, had dental work that caused a toxic shock to the body and moved causing me to put off the liver cleansing for a year. I am back with it now to finish up. Feels very good. With the large liver stones you see, there was light pressure when they moved through the gallbladder. There was zero pain just a light pressure feel. Fun to feel it come through but more than that a feel of accomplishment and relief. These are all liver stones passing through the gallbladder. The liver can be full of stones from a lifetime of food and drink. The small stones are on the bottom of the liver and the large are higher up. This is why it takes many cleanses to release all liver stones and very worth it! If the liver is packed with stones it is hard to impossible for purifying the blood. 


Today on the 16th I went to the toilet to evacuate and what a surprise. Eleven more large liver stones. That was like doing another cleanse in of itself. I was not surprised though because on the 15th I felt liver stones dropping throughout the day. This is like Christmas for health.



Judy Hawk

Sedona Colon Care
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single session $110

series of three $315

includes chlorophyll 

cash or check only






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I haveI have been seeing Judy for more than 7 years and have always found her to be one of the most attentive,caring and knowledgeable Colon Hydrotherapists anywhere. I have been doing this therapy for over 25 years and I recommend Judy highly. I particular like the clean,gentle,peaceful atmosphere.  A big plus for me is the use the superior ‘Closed End’ hydrotherapy machine which I have seen consistently excellent results for years. It’s the finest most effective device and by far the cleanliest. No forcing or pushing on the body, no harmful cleansing fumes or cleaners are used as compared to the open device others use. Overall Judy makes for a stressless pleasant experience.   A+++++++

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